Out with the old and in with a newly refurbished bread oven

A new bread oven for you to enjoy through a collaborative effort

Hello Norwich,

This story is about the many volunteers that came together to work as a team to get this project done but first some history. A few months back I did a story on this bread oven and you can click on this link to read read that story.


And now for the rest of the story as the saying goes

The oven before the project began

A tribute to Dale

A side view from Bragg Hill Rd.

A poster of Suzanne Lupien who utilized the oven to bake/sell her bread and she occasionally kneeded the dough.

The volunteers gathering around to receive their instructions from Richard Miscovich

I received this e-mailed info from Carey Underwood, Director of Mission Partnerships & Programs at King Arthur Flour.

After many good years of use, the time has come for the Norwich Community Oven to be rebuilt. King Arthur Baking is sponsoring this project in conjunction with the Norwich Rec Department.  Richard Miscovich, author of From the Wood-Fired Oven, will work with a team of 12 volunteers to rebuild the oven over the course of 3 days (July 15-17). The new oven will be an homage to the original with some minor improvements.  The oven will be once again available for community baking and gathering in September.

In conjunction with the oven build, Richard will be teaching a virtual wood-fired oven class at King Arthur Baking on Saturday, August 7th.  See here to learn more.

Richard Miscovich is a Department Chair and teaches artisan bread baking to culinary students at Johnson & Wales University in Providence, Rhode Island, and to home and professional bakers at classes and conferences around the country. He is the author of From the Wood-Fired Oven, published by Chelsea Green.


And the work begins

A debris pile from the old oven

Soon to be removed upon completion of the project

Applying the mud (Photo credit belongs to Evan Kay. )

Is it sort of like frosting a cake ? (This photo credit belongs to Evan Kay.) 

And now the oven is ready to cure (photo credit Evan Kay. )

And at the final stage as the oven is curing

A front view of the new oven

And now it is in with the new and a complete project too!

Enjoying a nice summer day at the Norwich Square

Some socializing, some fun/play and and a snack for all

Hello Norwich,

It was a beautiful sunny morning in Norwich and as I was leaving the Norwich Post Office, I noticed some activity over at the Norwich square green. I thought it would be nice to take some photos and share them with you.

I stopped by to say hello and to collect my bag of ginger cookies. (The little red and white bags of cookies on the table in my opinion are some of the best tasting ginger cookies in the Upper Valley).

I stopped by the dollhouse to introduce myself and asked if they would like to be included in the story, and the answer was yes.

A group photo was taken and then …

It was back to exploring the adventures of the dollhouse.

The Doctor's Buggy is now complete

A project that took some time and care to build by a master (model) builder

Hello Norwich and the Upper Valley,

I am posting the latest hobby project of Arthur Emile Sauvigne, M.D.

At the end of this story, I have included the links to a couple of others that Arthur has completed in case you missed them.

The Doctors Buggy is complete. It is 1:12 scale. I may manufacture a folding top out of brass wire and construction paper. I will also figure out how these buggies were harnessed to a horse. There were two bent poles (called Tugs or Traces) attached to the front axle to which the horse was lashed.  That will be simple to fashion out of steam bent cherry wood.

I found this color scheme in an old Sears ad...the green undercarriage/gearing was an extra expense as were the leather seats.  The leather choice was either brown or burgundy. (Ad attached above)

Here is the undercarriage which I found more interesting than the box-like body.  All the brass works are hand made.

..and here is a simple jig to keep the wheels from becoming revolving watermelons.

The lugs or trace to link a horse…should not be too hard to create

This is in NY around 1910. These buggies were still in use into the mid 1950s throughout rural Appalachia!

I made my home based primary care VA house calls with a Ford Escape AWD from 2012-2015!  I still have my doctors' bag from Columbia graduation 1972.

Here are the links to the other projects that Arthur has completed:



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Floral garden-refresh.

How fortunate we are to have wonderful volunteer gardeners and help from the DPW

I think the person who is pointing may be the officer in charge of this landscaping crew.

No, they are not hiding behind the plants but simply doing the important job of weeding.

A well oiled machine = teamwork

The DPW crew is on hand to fluff the mulch

Their expertise and equipment makes the difference


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Marion Cross School info

The report cards are ready and available for review

Hello all,

I am posting this for the principal in case you missed seeing it elsewhere.

There is a link available to view the report cards.

Marion Cross School

Shawn Gonyaw


Greg Bagnato

Coordinator of Student Services

Please enjoy viewing report cards!

Report cards are ready!  I am certain that each of you has been eagerly awaiting the instructions for how to access report cards.  Please follow the directions given in this link, https://drive.google.com/file/d/1wg7V64PNrWghTg1a2FV8e6ob0f8hfdNP/view.  If you have any difficulty accessing the parent portal or report cards, please reach out to shannonhowe@sau70.org .  Teachers have been hard at work using information gathered during the last trimester and throughout the school year to measure student progress.  We are confident that the information in report cards accurately represents the performance of your child.  

Also, on report cards you will find the teacher your child has been placed with for the next school year.  I would like to thank all the families who sent us thoughtful insights about your children.  School teams worked to form balanced classes taking into account both what we know about children at school and what was shared from the home perspective.  In most cases, we were able to honor the requests that came our way.  In some instances, we chose to go in another direction because of what we know about how children interact and learn at school.  We are confident that all students have been placed in the classroom that is best for their learning.

Finally, as of 3:30 this afternoon, I have asked MCS staff to turn off their computers and enjoy the next few weeks.  As you know, this school year has been a success because of the hard work and dedication given by all of us - staff, families, and students.  My hope for staff is that they will have a restful summer and energize their batteries in order to be able to have a successful beginning of the 2021-2022 school year.  If you have any questions or need to contact the school, please feel free to reach out to me.  I will take some vacation time this summer, but will be available via email for anyone who needs a summer question answered.      

Looking for next year’s school calendar? Check out the Marion Cross Website or download it for your fridge! 

Thank you for a fantastic school year,


22 Church Street, Norwich, VT 05055


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