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2022 Labor day road race--and they are off and running in the rain

Sponsored by the Norwich Recreation department with the help of many volunteers

Good morning Norwich,

This mornings road race was organized by Brie Swenson and Kristen Fauci who organized some volunteers. There was some huge support from the Hanover High School cross country team. The food for this event was donated by Panera bread in West Lebanon. A great job done by all who took part especially on this rainy morning.

Volunteers holding up the map for the 2.2 and 10 K race

Going over registrations and final prep

They mingled on the the left side of the Gazebo

And some on the right side

And some even in the center

All happy to be volunteering in this rain event

And the safety briefing is underway

Checking with the road captains

Almost ready for the 10 K race to start

And they are lined up here and are almost on their way

You can watch the short 10 K video starting line here:

The 2.2 mile group is now at the starting line (This video can be viewed at the top of the story.)

And now the group having gone down Main street with a left on Turnpike and a left on Moore lane…is about ready to make the turn onto Beaver Meadow rd.

With the safety/road guards cheering them on

Here comes another group

And after taking a left on to Main Street from Beaver Meadow Rd and then a right onto Church street they are Coming to the finish line one by one.

Just a short distance left

And he just seems to be strutting along

Just walking it off now

Picking up the official time slip and a high five

On the move

I know, I am almost there

One by one they finish

And some even smiling on the way in to the finish line

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My Newsletter "about Norwich"
My Newsletter "about Norwich"