3 News items, a video you can use from the NPD and a good deed done today by a great cadet.

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Norwich VT Police Department

A big thanks to Norwich Police Cadet Corporal Moody (HS Junior) for helping a local Norwich resident (recently injured) split and stack wood today. #CommunityPolicing#CommunityService#NPDCADETS

Norwich VT Police Department

The new traffic signals at the Wheelock/West Street intersection in Hanover, NH were activated today. NPD is actively monitoring the traffic flow to determine whether they are impacting travel on the River Road / Rt 10A Norwich side. We have reached out to AOT and DOT to encourage the "syncing" of the traffic lights across the two states to encourage a smooth traffic flow between Hanover and Norwich. Please keep this in mind during the busy commute times as we may see a temporary impact to travel times until the light timing can be perfected.

Norwich VT Police Department


The Holiday season can be a challenging time of year for the responder community and this year the struggles may be amplified due to the effects of COVID-19. It is important for all of us to recognize this and work together to help each other remain healthy and strong. For resources and information for first responders, visit healthvermont.gov/FRwellness or call 1-855-327-1669.


First responders are under even more stress during the COVID-19 pandemic. Assistance is available at 1-855-327-1669 or at healthvermont.gov/FR-wellness.

Latest COVID -19 update in case you missed it

23. COVID-19 update: 12/01
From: "Frank, Jennifer" <Jennifer.Frank@vermont.gov>
Date: Wed, 2 Dec 2020 00:26:40 +0000

1.  The VT Health Department will begin including probable cases in the total number of COVID-19 cases reported.  The number of cases currently reported only includes cases confirmed by a PCR test.  A case is considered “probable” if the person: tested positive on an antigen test AND has symptoms of COVID-19 OR epidemiologic evidence, or has symptoms of COVID-19 AND is epidemiologically linked to a confirmed case of COVID-19.

2.  The Health Department is asking people who were tested for COVID-19 on 11/27/20 at the Barre Auditorium to get retested. This action is needed because a delay in shipping rendered the samples useless.  Approximately 249 samples were affected.

3.  Current COVID-19 Activity in VT:
- New cases: 63 (4,239 total)
- Currently hospitalized: 28
- Hospitalized in ICU: 2
- Hospitalized under investigation: 4
- Percent Positive (7-day avg): 1.7%
- People tested: 225,228
- Total tests: 555,633
- Total people recovered: 2,564
- Deaths: 72
- Travelers monitored: 205
- Contacts monitored: 130
- People completed monitoring: 11,120

4.  COVID-19  Compensation scam:  Multiple reports of fraudulent communications relating to unemployment insurance and workers' compensation benefits have been sent to Vermonters where scammers text or e-mail residents alleging  that eligible workers can receive COVID-19 Benefits from ‘the Department of Labor if they click on the link to an application/web form, which instructs them to 'file for COVID-19 workers compensation benefits.  Remain vigilant for potential fraud and only use the states official website (labor.vermont.gov), and sub-pages, to apply or file for unemployment insurance benefits and for accurate information on workers' compensation benefits

Chief Jennifer Frank, Norwich, VT Police
10 Hazen Street / P.O. Box 311, Norwich, VT
(802)649-1460 (O), (802)649-1775 (F)