A community gift - A bread oven

A good place to raise some dough

Have you ever wondered why there is a huge outdoor bread oven in a small park right here in Norwich? Do you know who built it and why? The park is called the Barret Memorial Playground and is located on Bragg hill Rd. I was scheduled to meet a friend there, and we were to hike a nearby trail. As I sat in my car waiting for him to arrive, I saw a granite post with a plaque secured to it that I had never noticed before.

I took a walk over to check it out and now I know that Dale Curtis Hisler and a few other residents built this and gifted it to the community so others could enjoy it.

Here are the guidelines and necessary info for it’s use.


This is the granite post that attracted my attention

This is is the oven where the magic happens. There is nothing better than freshly baked bread. Every one kneads to raise some dough.

A nice place to visit

COVID-19 Physical distancing guidelines are recommended

Parking lot for Barret Memorial Park