A hair affair and a tribute too! to benefit 19 days.

A tribute to Diane's Casual Cuts and Andrea's Hair Studio (Save the date)

Here is an idea that just might make a difference in my opinion. Check out the story and make a bid. You could be a winner and that would be a plus even though you loose some hair which might be a minus. It is a hair affair after all and the money will go to a great cause. Read on and don’t forget to bid early and often.


 A "19 Days" tribute to Diane's Casual Cuts and Andrea's Hair Studio

In the COVID pandemic, hairdressers had to close per The Governor. And for 10 weeks no one could get a haircut, these lovely ladies lost all their income. At Dan & Whit's we needed some reliable help as grocery shopping changed- so we took on Diane and Laura who were bored, missed people and we needed them! 

Every year since 2013 Diane's Casual Cuts and Andrea's Hair Studio raise money for The Haven as part of The 19 Days of Norwich (and beyond) 1% for the Haven. These ladies know fundraising- in just 7 years they have raised over $100,000.00!!! Yes, $100,000.00, they go all out and wear costumes, decorate their shops and have a fun time doing it-  You can hear them yelling 'It's all for the Haven" all day long down Main St.

Fri. June 19 is 6 months after "The 19 Days", and this time it is for Diane's and Andrea's.  I put them up to this as my latest hair brain idea- (they might be a bit embarrassed) but they are willing to try this silly stunt. 

During the 10 weeks of shut down, our customers and their customers were confused to hear their familiar voices NOT at their shop. We worked together, Norwich style, because it takes a village.  We had many customers come in and ask if they could get their hair cut at Dan & Whit's. 

Hair salons were able to open up again on May 29th, I had a haircut the following Wed. and asked Laura to cut my hair on the front sidewalk of Dan & Whit's because "If we don't have it, you don't need it". And a haircut at Dan & Whit's had never occurred before- this was a first.  

  If you want to see the FB haircut clip at Dan & Whit's here you go--
Here's the link for the haircut Video:

We had fun, and everyone was interested. Now is your chance to join in the fun. We are raffling off 16 haircuts to the highest bidders.  You too, will have the chance to get your haircut on the front sidewalk at Dan & Whit's.  We encourage donations and BIG tipping!  Let's give back to Diane's Casual Cuts and Andrea's Hair Studio and help them get re-established. They are essential businesses and part of the fabric of the Norwich community. After 10 weeks of no grooming boy do we all appreciate their talents. 

Fri. June 19th is just a few days before Father's Day- so for the Dad that has everything and needs nothing- bid BIG  to get him one of the coveted slots. An experience of a lifetime that he will never forget (and if he is bald- well he can enjoy the company). 

Please remember your mask and social distance. We are inviting the media to this event so now is your chance to potentially be in the spotlight (and with a new hairdo).   Talk about styling. 

We will start the bidding at $35.00 a cut.  Please email in your bids to:


Bidding will end at 5pm on Thurs. June 18th. Winners will be notified by  Fri. June 19- so be sure you save the date (appointments begin at 1pm on Fri. June 19th). 

Join us on Fri. June 19 at the event (Masked and social distanced).  And to support The Haven, and in keeping with The 19 Days- please bring a jar of spaghetti sauce and/or box of pasta- the items that Diane's and Andrea's collect. 

We are all in this together.  We need you to make this a success. Checks should be made to: Dan & Whit's with "19 Days Hair" on the memo line (cash/checks can be dropped off anytime at D&W or mailed in to PO Box 157 Norwich, VT 05055). 

Thanks for keeping it local,


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