A little snow can stop the go but not for the NPD

Norwich Police were certainly kept busy yesterday due to several vehicle crashes

A little snow can make things a little messy and can affect your driving depending on the circumstances and temperature, however a lot of snow can certainly affect a lot more. I have attached several photos that will show what can and did happen during yesterday’s snowstorm. These accidents sure kept the Norwich Police on the move and made for a very busy day I am sure. There was no school in Norwich yesterday and I am sure all the kiddo’s were having a great time playing in the snow, while their parents made arrangements to either shovel themselves out or call one of the many snowplow contractors to plow their driveways, or maybe they just chilled out a little as well.

Advance Transit shut down bus service for the day, in an effort to give snowplows a chance to clear the roads, according to the bus service’s website.

The Norwich Police however were on the go most of the day helping out some drivers who had the misfortune of getting themselves either stuck or off the road. I know it is part of their job and here in Norwich they do it well. They were kept pretty busy responding to the storm’s effects and the motor vehicle crashes, trees down on wires etc.

Hopefully there were no injuries. These are just some of the days happenings.

Check out their facebook page to see the actual posts.


Just how much snow did we get? Can you guess looking at the snow on this NPD cruiser?

Interstate 91 South exit 13 ramp was closed for a bit due to a tractor-trailer stuck on the ramp

Road was closed on Upper Elm street at Hopson Road intersection due to two separate motor vehicle crashes

Road closed on New Boston Road in the area of # 1100 for awhile until vehicles could be moved and roadway reopened.

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