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Sharing another COVID- 19 update that was issued today from the Norwich Police Department. I am sure some of you may have already seen this but I know there are many that may not have so here it is for you too! Thanks to the NPD for keeping us informed.

35. COVID-19 Update (02/02/21)
From: "Frank, Jennifer" <Jennifer.Frank@vermont.gov>
Date: Mon, 1 Feb 2021 22:22:33 +0000

COVID-19 Update (02/02/21)

  *   Current COVID-19 case status in Vermont: • Positive test results: 11,658 • Total people tested: 300,912 • Total tests conducted: 870,947 • Deaths: 172 • Total people recovered: 7,926 • Hospitalized patients with COVID-19: 57 • Hospitalized patients under investigation for COVID-19: 3 • 7-day average test positivity rate: 2.0% (the lowest 7-day test positivity rate in the country)
  *   COVID-19 vaccinations of Vermonters aged 75 and above begun.  It is expected to take approx. 5 weeks for this age group to get at least their first dose after which the next eligible groupings are expected to be allowed to sign up for vaccines.  As of 1/29 48,220 people in VT received at least one dose, and 15,360 received their second dose.  Vermont's vaccine allotment is expected to be up 30% next week & allocations are expected to continue to increase.
  *   If you are scheduled to receive the vaccine tomorrow (02/02/21) and are unable to make the appointment because of weather (we are expecting a snowstorm of 6-12 inches of snow) call 855-722-7878 to re-schedule. You will be given a new appointment for the same time on a day later this week.
  *   8 Department of Corrections staff members tested positive for COVID-19: 6 @ Chittenden Regional, 1 @ Southern State Correctional Facility & 1 in Probation and Parole.
  *   Summary of hospital bed availability:  For the week ending 1/29, the number of hospitalized COVID­19 patients was higher, with 46­58 people hospitalized each day. Of those hospitalized, 8­10 were in ICU beds. New cases remained between 82 and 133 this week, a continued improvement from 200 cases per day as was the case multiple times in the first two weeks of January. Deaths per day were somewhat muted at 0­1 per day. Hospital resources remain adequate, though margins for ICU and medical/surgical beds were tighter for the third week in a row. New cases with a rapid growth rate at a Vermont university the past two weeks are a reminder that out­of­state travelers can bring new infections (and possibly new variants of the coronavirus) and this is important with school vacation weeks in February and March often used for ski vacations.
  *   2,200 COVID-19 tests were conducted last week of school teachers and staff.  Over 1,100 tests results have been returned with no positive results as of 1/29.
  *   The Agency of Education has not yet made a decision regarding when to allow scholastic sports competitions to continue. But will meet on 02/09/21 with music teachers and health experts to determine the next steps for school music programs.
  *   National, regional, and state data show decreasing rates of COVID19 cases for a 2nd straight week.

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