A new project is taking shape on Route 5 North in Norwich

But, What's it going to be? Take a look and you will see.

I combined two stories into one so that you can see the finished results of this project.

Do you know what is going on? Follow the photos for clues

There is something happening here and in the beginning it wasn't clear, however it is starting to take shape and soon you will know just what is going on. Follow the photos for a somewhat guided tour if you will. I have been taking photo's the last few weeks at different levels of construction.

I will be adding photos as the work progresses.

Area being taped off

Road to entrance of work area

A big piece of equipment is called in to action

A few trucks on the hillside

Another area sectioned off

Is it going to be a farm?

It seems like a rather large piece of land

Why it even has a portable toilet

Pipes are being delivered

And lot's of stone

And now they are being buried underground

And then some posts are added on top

And a few more here and there

Starting to look like a drive in theater ?

No! I don't think so

Too many posts and no room for the cars

A grading device

RBI Solar is here and that could be a clue

Located next to the Water treatment plant  on Route 5 North

Putting on the finishing touches

Now we know the rest of the story

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