A recent journey on the Converse Loop of the Ballard trail (a photo essay)

A fun hike on a nice winters day

A recent jaunt through the woods with Steve Flanders and myself taking just a few photo shots along the way and enjoying the day.

Click this link to find out all you need to know to complete this journey and other trails as well.


Well marked and easy to do

Just a little ways in from the Tucker Hill Rd entrance and things are looking up already

Trail markers to keep you in the know and on the go

Just a few trees down, that’s all

OK, Which way do I go?

I know Tip Toe right?

I have got the hang of it now

Steve advertising the Converse Loop

Wow! check this out

Nature’s way I would say

I hope you didn’t lose anything Steve

But don’t let “Cousin Vinny” find out (Anyone seen the movie by that name?)

This is not a young tree by any means

And you even have a choice

with some nice markings along the way

I knew he he would find his way out

The end is near

And the new bridge over troubled waters makes it easy to get in or out