A solar egglipse

It was a sunny side kind of day

Good Evening Norwich and Upper Valley. Things are cooling off tonight and rain is predicted for tomorrow, and then a potential snowstorm overnight Sunday into Monday. Today however was a beautiful sunny day. While on a nice power walk, we noticed a family just chilling in their driveway, at least that is what we thought. It appears they were waiting for Nathaniel’s science project to take hold.

Nathaniel’s 6th grade science solar oven project

I asked them to send me the photos and details as things were still cooking and wouldn’t be ready for my review just yet. (My power walk kept me on the move anyway)

Here is the story in a nutshell

Hi Demo, 
Good to see you today. Here is what Nathaniel wrote about his solar oven project. I've also attached a couple of his photos. Thanks!


Mr. Buck gave the 6th graders a challenge for science class: build a solar oven and bake something in it. To build our ovens, we were only allowed to use the following materials: paper and pencil for drawing design, small oven safe plate or bowl, glue, clear plastic film or plexiglass, cardboard, tape, box cutter, scissors, aluminum foil or another very reflective surface.

We were asked to cook or bake something. It didn’t matter what we cooked or baked, but whatever we did it required time and patience! My solar oven worked rather well and got up to 163 degrees fahrenheit (about 73 degrees celsius). I chose Saturday because it was going to be the only day warm and sunny enough for it to work. I cooked an egg and three smores. I left the egg in too long and it was over cooked so I didn’t eat it. but the smores cooked well and were delicious! 

Looking good like a fried egg should

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