A 'turtley' awesome day at the golf course. Includes very short video at the end of story.

Searching for just the right location to lay her eggs

Yesterday at the golf course I heard a splash and turned to see a turtle just swimming around and possibly looking for a bite to eat or just keeping cool as it was a hot day in the high eighties. That location was on the 5th hole.

Today while I was approaching the 3rd hole and heading over to my tee off spot, I noticed a turtle on the road. Could it be the one I saw yesterday? If so who knew I would see her again today. After I took the photos I notified the golf course staff and also let some golfers behind me know so they would be careful when coming down the road in their electric golf carts.

Just trying to chill out in the heat (photo taken yesterday) or find something to eat.

What Do Turtles Eat In A Pond?

  • Pond turtles are an omnivorous species, it entails vegetation and invertebrate meat as a source of protein. ...

  • Carnivorous nature involves worms, crayfish, amphibian larvae, dead fish, small fish, mollusks, worms, insects and their larvae, frog, tadpole, and crustaceans.

She is up to something! (these photos taken today on the 3rd hole of the golf course)

They dig their nests in dry, sandy areas and lay between 20 and 40 eggs. Sometimes they lay more than this, and they can even lay 100 eggs in a single nest! Once the eggs are laidthe turtles cover them up with sand and head back to their pond or lake.

And she is checking out the terrain looking for a nice spot

A closer look at the two rejected spots

I think I will just keep looking

Two vacant spots left behind

She is heading over to the 4th hole and this might be a good place .

 Check out the video to see what all the commotion is about.


iCloud link available until Jul 19

Nope. That is not a turtle egg. that is my golf ball