An earth day interview with a 7 year old

And my grandson says...

I took this photo today while on my way down to do the story on the bell ringing event at noon. While taking the photo, I got the idea to have a FaceTime session with my grandson to get his thoughts on Earth day. This story includes the interview questions.

Poster at the Bulletin Board across from the town hall

My grandson Billy doing his part for earth day

Just a small portion of his collection

Here are the questions I asked and his answers.

What's your favorite place on earth to visit?  Hawaii

What's one thing you can recycle?  Plastic

What's your favorite thing to do outside?  play football, gardening and fishing

What's one thing you and we can do as a family to have less trash?   reuse bottles and containers

What's your favorite kind of animal?  I like every kind of animal

Why is it important to care about our Earth?  so that people, animals and plants can live

What is your favorite thing to do in the water?  fishing and swimming

Which season is your favorite and why?  Fall.  I like its coolness and warmth and apples and pumpkins

What's your favorite kind of flower?  daffodils and roses

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