Bread and Soup Lunch was a success

And it benefited a great cause, The Norwich Public Library

Hello All, I took a stroll over to the Grange hall last Saturday to check out the bread and soup luncheon that was sponsored by the friends of the Norwich Public Library. I paid my admission and walked around and tried a few of the soups. My favorite was the seafood chowder, followed by the Gypsy vegetable and the Mexican vegetable. After sampling those, I had all I could do to eat a chocolate chip cookie. It was a fun event and for a good cause. Enjoy the photos and the story.

This is a few members of the group of volunteers that put it all together

The poster which advertised the event in a previous promotion story that I did

Soups on the left side of the Hall

And several more on the right

Here come the crowds and they do look anxious to jump right in.

They seem to be enjoying the moment

A little more serious business on this side of the house

There is Mr. Parker heading for the dessert table and he beat me to it once again

A group conversation happening here

All smiles here

And also here

Good friends coming together

Taking time for a photo

A packed table with a hungry crew

And just some good eating going on at this table

Almost caught him off guard but he turned just as I was a clicking the camera.