Canada's Worst Nightmare

The smell of sap boiling is in the air

This is 1 of 4 stories that I did about 2 years ago on another platform and I will share them with my readers. You will need to read all 4 in order to get the real “maple” flavor.

Front : Dan Goulet and his best friend. Rear left to right: Eamonn Donovan, Graham Webster, and Ryan Johnson

The smell of sap boiling is in the air

Yesterday was such a beautiful day (there was lots of sun and the temperature was projected to Reach 50 degrees in the early afternoon.)

I was heading back to work but had some free time so I took the scenic route. I drove down Union Village road then turned on to town farm road and then continued on to Goodrich Four Corners Rd.

As I was driving down Goodrich Four Corners heading towards Route 5 with my window down, I smelled some smoke. At first I thought someone was burning brush but soon realized that someone nearby was boiling some sweet heavenly sap.  I had to investigate so I pulled over and then took a right turn only to discover Canada’s worst Nightmare.

 I first thought the motley crew standing in front of the building was the nightmare but after a quick tour and a taste, I realized immediately that Canada’s worst Nightmare was the pure maple syrup that was being made from the sweet smelling sap that was boiling.

They say a picture tells the real story

Below are some photo’s that will tell a much better story than I can write.

Can you guess what this might be ?

Graham Webster getting ready to tap a maple tree

Sap bucket doing it's job collecting sap

Stoking the fire for peak performance

Even a fancy floor


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