Check out this photo of the Comet NEOWISE

It is still viewable through July 2020

Stargazers in the Northern Hemisphere should enjoy every opportunity to see the new Comet NEOWISE as it streaks across the evening sky for the rest of July. Once it disappears from view, the comet will not be visible in Earth's skies for another 6,800 years, according to NASA.

I received this e-mail and photo and thought it would be nice to share it with my readers.

Hi Demo,

Attached is a photo Lena and I took of the Comet, Neowise. Once she saw we were able to get a clear picture, she immediately said that I should send it to you. Enjoy.

Taken July 18. OK to post on your blog if you like. The comet is currently below and to the right of the big dipper's ladle, and will move higher and to the left (west) until July 23. It's visible about an hour after sunset each night, but the dipper is low on the horizon, so one needs to find a location without too many obstructions.