Curbside and Pickup 101 at Dan and Whits.

There is a lot to it, and some key players too!

Norwich knows no Bounds is a name given to several programs that were but an idea until some leadership, guidance and literally an army of volunteers from the Norwich community made it real and made it a nice way to band together during this difficult time AKA the COVID-19 pandemic.

I have been asked by Sarah Rooker from the Norwich Historical Society to document some of the day to day keep it real moments.I have already done a couple of stories on the Victory Garden program that was spearheaded by Mellissa Scanlan, and also the Neighborhood captains that were formed to assist their neighborhoods, deliver school supplies etc.

This story is about what it takes to make curbside/delivery a reality at Dan and Whit’s.

Curbside/Delivery services are available to everyone (not just Norwich
EMAIL (do NOT call) your order into:
include your name, phone number and address (if you don't want subs- write
NO subs). Send us your list and we will email you when your order is ready.
Please start a new email for each order (or least each day) and send your
order as text, not attachments).
Thank you to the NFD and our team of volunteers who make delivery possible
(and FREE for you).

And now for the rest of the story

The order is e-mailed to the store and 2 copies are printed . The next step is to check to see if it is a store charge and or call customer for a credit card number and ask if it is a curbside pick up or a delivery.

Then you must shop and pick up the items from the appropriate aisle.

Items are then taken to the register (a special register is used for this function only)

One copy of the order paperwork is placed in a pickup or a delivery bin/box for referencing later.

Items are bagged and labeled with customer info

You then must determine if the order is a pickup (if it is it stays up front) or a delivery and it is transferred to the back room or a freezer/cooler to await delivery driver.

Curbside/pickup orders are placed in a locker, and customer is called to say that order is ready for pickup. If order is not in the locker when customer arrives, it will need to be brought out to them.

This order is placed up front because customer is on the way to retrieve it.

Orders for delivery are placed in either door #1 or door # 2 and you can pick the door, just like in the TV game show Let’s make a deal with Monty Hall as host.

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