Curbside at KAF for the history books

This is part of the Norwich Historical Society's efforts to document life during the COVID -19 pandemic.

This is another story for the archives as I was asked to document some day to day happenings in Norwich. I did one recently on Dan and Whit’s and was asked if I could do KAF as well. I met with John Tunnicliffe from KAF who arranged for a tour of the curbside/pickup area that has been set up to accommodate customers wishing to buy KAF products.

And here is where it starts

You simply call in your order

And the sales clerk takes your order

This was my order that is being processed

I wait a few moments and then go inside to a waiting and pickup area

Orders are brought here and alphabetized

Another clerk is assigned to assist with your pick up order

A customer has already arrived to pick up her order

One way entrance and exit to keep things social distanced and adhere to CDC guidelines. I picked up my order and was on my way. A very easy way to get what you need from King Arthur Flour and be on your way.

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