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39. Daily COVID-19 update: Wednesday
From: "Frank, Jennifer" <Jennifer.Frank@vermont.gov>
Date: Thu, 21 May 2020 00:11:48 +0000

1. Restaurants may open to Outdoor Dining (effective 5/22) Reservations or call ahead seating is required. Tables must be spaced a minimum of 10 feet apart. Members of only 2 households and 10 total people may be seated at the same table. Operators must limit the total number of customers served/seated at one time to 50 or their maximum licensed seating capacity, whichever is less. Disposable menus are required. Operators must maintain an easily accessible log of customers and their contact information for 30 days in the event contact tracing is required by the Health Department.

2. Services operating with a single worker or small office environments (such as appraisers, realtors, municipal clerks, attorneys, property managers, pet care operators, and others) may operate if they can comply with the mandatory health and safety requirements listed above, with no more than 10 persons (service provider and client) present at one time. Operators must maintain a log of customers and their contact information for 30 days.

3. Yard sales and garage sales may occur at private residences with 10 or fewer people present at any one time.

4. Pools, beaches and swimming facilities may open in accordance with previously issuedoutdoor recreation and fitness guidance. Operators must reduce high contact surfaces and common areas, limit gatherings of people to 10 or less, and regularly clean and disinfect restrooms and other common facilities per CDC guidelines.

5. Gov. Scott announced a $400 million economic relief and recovery package, using funds from the $1.25 billion the state received from the Federal CARES Act. The proposal will start with $310 million for immediate emergency relief to the most impacted sectors and businesses to be followed by $90 million in long-term recovery investments.

6. Current COVID-19 Activity in Vermont:
- Total cases: 944
- Currently hospitalized: 3
- Hospitalized under investigation: 12
- Total people recovered: 824
- Deaths: 54
- Total tests: 25,058
- People being monitored: 30
- People completed monitoring: 865

7. New Hampshire COVID-19 Summary
 NH Persons with COVID-19: 3,721 (+147)
 Recovered: 1,275 (36%) (+113)
 Deaths Attributed to COVID-19: 182 (5%) (+8)
 Total Current COVID-19 Cases: 2,264 (+26)
 Persons Who Have Been Hospitalized for COVID-19: 383 (10%) (+2)
 Current Hospitalizations: 105 (-2)
 Total Persons Tested: 50,888 (+1, 942)
 Total Persons Tested Antibody: 6,617 (+637)
 Persons with Test Pending at NH PHL: 861 (+573)
 Persons Being Monitored in NH: 3,775 (+100)

8. All 50 states have now partially reopened.

9. The Virginia Department of Health is confirming its first case of Multi-System Inflammatory Syndrome in Children (MIS-C.), the syndrome linked to COVID-19.

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