Dan Fraser gets in a jam in his own parking lot compliments of NPD

But you can help bail him out

Hello Norwich, I am reporting some breaking news from the Norwich Police department. It appears that our very own “Dan” the man from Dan and Whit’s has got himself into some hot water. As you might be aware, he was running for president. You may have seen some of his Fraser in 2020 bumper stickers floating around town or just plain stuck on vehicles.

He made some money off of the bumper stickers and it was going to a great cause, but then he decided he really did want to be elected president. Many people voted for him but it was not enough so he took matters in his own hands and now you will know the rest of the story. Read the charges below, and see if maybe you may want to bail him out so he can get a fair trail.

Norwich VT Police Department is at Dan And Whits.

3 hrs · Norwich, VT · 

Dan Fraser is in a JAM! - Donate Jam’s and Jelly to help pay Dan’s “bail” and support the “19 Days of Norwich Fundraiser.”

Dan Fraser, AKA Mr. Helps A-lot, was arrested Tuesday for Voter Fraud (just kidding - but read on!) A recount conducted of recent presidential election ballots led to a review of the polling booth cameras where Dan was caught stuffing ballots to bolster his vote count in his 2020 bid for President. As a result of this nefarious act, an arrest warrant was issued and Dan was captured this morning at his local hideout Dan and Whit's. Dan is being held until he can make bail. Help Dan out of a JAM by paying his bail: 19 jars of Jam a day for 19 days, which will be donated to the Haven as part of the “19 Days of Norwich" fundraiser. Jam’s and Jelly’s can be dropped off at the Norwich Police Department where they will be collected during the “19 Days” campaign after which they will be delivered to the Haven to assist with restocking the Food Shelf.

Help us help our local community!

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