Don't Worry! Be happy

Everything will be alright

OK, so here are some more birds and their sayings meant only to keep you going strong. Editors note: The photographer is not known at this time as I received these from one of my readers. Enjoy, some of the captions have been changed to protect the innocent. ( A little sidebar joking here )

I told you everything will be alright. Your Mom will be back

With this disguise, they'll never figure out who robbed their nest!

Yeh, well your eyes would get big too if someone had their fuzzy hands all over your bod!

I think we are ready for "Dancing With The Birds".

What an attractive hors d'oeuvre

Don't you know you are supposed to pass on the left? And please use your directional signals.

Oh, how I love government handouts!

Don't look at me like that, haven't you ever heard of Santa Bird?

No, the brown part is not me, it is my "floatie cushion".

Come on Willard, quit acting like an NFL defensive back!

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