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Engine No. 3 gets a big push from the community

Backed into its new home for the first time to begin serving Norwich

Good evening Norwich and Upper valley residents and hopefully readers,

This is a story/photo essay with a couple of videos included showing an event know as a “Push in” ceremony. The first video was taken by me and serves as the cover photo also. The second video was taken by a drone piloted by Ebben Whithair. (see below photos) This event is explained further in the listserv post from Deputy fire Chief Matt Swett which I included below.

Here is the announcement of the event:

24. "Push-in" Ceremony for Norwich Engine 3 this Saturday at noon
From: Matt Swett <>
Date: Thu, 7 Dec 2023 22:39:26 -0500

Hi Norwich Neighbors,

In case you missed my earlier post, the members of the Norwich Fire Department invite you to join us this Saturday, December 9th at noon at the fire station for the "Push-in" Ceremony for our new Engine 3!

This is a firefighting tradition where a new fire truck is pushed into the station to be put into service for the first time. Everyone - kids and adults - are welcome to attend.

The ceremony will be quick, and we will be giving tours of the truck afterward. Plus, Larry Dingee - the owner of the company that built the body of our truck - will be in attendance!  If you or your children have ever wondered what it takes to build a firetruck, here is your chance to ask all of your questions and learn.

Take care,

Deputy Chief
Norwich Fire Department
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And here is the story/photo essay with a drone video included.

Fire Chief Alex Northern welcomes the participants to the big push event and makes introductions.

Deputy Fire Chief Matt Swett talks about “a big push event and its symbolism” this is also explained in the listserv post at the beginning of this story.

Deputy Fire Chief taking some good questions from a resident to his left.

And continues to explain the event agenda which will also include a tour of the new fire truck. ( as long time firefighter Linda Cook looks on). She will be riding with the chief as the first officer for this event.

A drone is taking footage of the event from above and you can see the video footage below

You tube video courtesy of Ebben Whitehair

A still photo of the big push (Editors note: it was actually backed in slowly driven by the Fire chief for safety reasons.)

Once inside it was prepped for the grand tour so that all could see this new truck and appreciate its value to the town of Norwich.

It looks like I was at the right place at the right time and was offered a nice fresh baked brownie, which I gracefully accepted.

And now the tour begins with matt Swett serving as the tour guide

Deputy Fire Chief Matt Swett shows off some of the new battery operated equipment

Setting up this light and showing the benefits of its portability

And now let there be light!

L to R : Sonny Tibbetts, Linda Cook, and Neil Fulton ,long time firefighters and officers with the Norwich Fire department. Sonny was an assistant fire chief and served the fire department for 50 years , Linda served as a captain and has 30 years and Neil was a Fire chief and served the department for 20+ years.

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