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Fiddler Richard Adams and family along with friends perform at the NPL summer music series

Good evening Norwich,

I had the opportunity to stop in for the Summer Music in the garden series that was held today at the Norwich Public Library. See below for more details, photo and another video.

I had originally uploaded this video to the I cloud account and I have also placed these on You Tube so there is no timeline to view.

Summer Music in the Garden

NPL’s new summer music series! Join us in the garden to relax and enjoy a jam session hosted by a different local musician each month. Lemonade and snacks provided. All ages welcome.

>>July’s Host: Richard Adams & Family

A family-oriented performance that celebrates intergenerational talent! Led by fiddler Richard Adams, come hear some good tunes in the late afternoon sun that the whole family will love.

Friday, July 28th, 4-5:30 PM | Meet in the garden | Recurring on the last Friday of each summer month

There was a good attendance for this performance which was held in the downstairs community room of the library.

Here is another shorter video that I took at the performance and a photo of the audience. Thanks to the Norwich Public Library for sponsoring this event. Enjoy!

Just as I was getting ready to leave , I asked Richard Adams if he would send me some more info to share with my readers about his music and here is what he has to say:

Hi Demo,

Thanks so much for coming and taking photos. I'm looking forward to the blog post!

Our family has been attending Maine Fiddle Camp since 2019, and we've loved getting to learn more about traditional and folk music from New England, Quebec, and even further away. The special thing about this music is that you have to learn it by listening and then keep playing it to keep the tradition going. At this point, a lot of the music is written down, but the style, tempo, rhythm and other nuances only exist in our collective memories!

We have done several community gatherings with friends and neighbors to play songs that people know and share new ones. This afternoon at the library was a bit more planned than normal, but we also just adapted to the interests of the people who showed up to play and listen.

We also played a dance, Sasha, that many Marion Cross students would know from Mayfest - a beautiful community tradition important to our family and so many others in Norwich..

This same kind of music and community can be found at family friendly contra dances in town and the Upper Valley Music Center throughout the year. We are very grateful to the Norwich Public Library for hosting afternoon music sessions this summer, and we were thrilled to be invited to share our music with people today.

I hope that helps!

See you soon!


And the audience seems to be enjoying the music

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