Golfing the other day was for the Birds

Not a Birdie, Not an Eagle, but real Turkeys

Hello all, This actually happened to me at the golf course the other day and I thought I would share it with you.

A Turkey in Golf is known as a trio of birdies, well I must say there were a few more than three here at the Carter Golf course in Lebanon NH. I am not sure what to make of this photo other than to say that someone cannot find there ball perhaps. Check out the other photos to get a better sense of my recent golf game at Carter with a bunch of Turkey’s and a Blue Herron even. The regular foursome was not available so I had an earlier tee time that morning and spotted these birds between the 2nd and 3rd hole of the golf course.

Have you seen my ball? It was a Calloway and it is yellow and one of my favorites.

I knew something was wrong when I approached the green on the first hole, and saw these footprints.

Back and forth they went

This is what you would normally see on a damp misty day or after the normal watering cycle.

Here they come

I better be on my way as I might be messing with their tee time.

And here they are on the second hole. Looks like they are trying to get there 9 holes in.

Hey, you need to move the cart closer to your ball.

I spotted a Blue Herron on the fifth hole and this is what I would imagine this bird would say if it could talk.

Okay, now let me be please. I just left a bunch of turkeys and now I have you to contend with. Whoa is me!

I guess I better high tail it out of here

See you a bit later

And now I spotted the Blue Herron on the way back into the clubhouse

In flight and off to another hole perhaps.

Oh well, I did play a pretty good game after all once I got right to it.