Hair to dye for! A photo essay.

Benefiting the 19 days of Norwich with a total of $3,450.00 collected thus far

This was the poster for the Holiday Hair for the Haven event which ended today with the Norwich Ledyard Bank manager, Nico, going green for the cause.

Here is the link if you wish to read more about how this event started:

The color that collected the most votes was Green and so now we follow Nico to the Omnia Hair Studio for a cut, wash, and color which will be done by the owner and stylist Kymberly Byerly.

Nico before the big event

He is given his assigned seat

And the consultation begins

And so the decision is made to go green!

Are you sure ?

And it is off to the wash station

Next is a neat little haircut

See how neat it looks

And now the fun begins

Is it oil base or latex?

Too late now Nico

With nice even brush strokes to make sure nothing is missed

And now for the final unveiling


I checked back with Nico after the event and things seemed somewhat normal, and he was back to banking. Well done, Kimberly!

Photos were taken by me and two were taken via selfie mode at the studio