Halloween decorations 2020, a photo essay

No special reason but simply photos for the season

Hello all,

This short photo essay is just a small sample of photos taken for the season. No need to do a story here as each photo and your own imagination will tell the real story.

I have added a caption under each photo based on my first view.

Enjoy the photos and stay safe out there. Happy Halloween, and if you are trick or treating may you get more treats than tricks.

This pumpkin was decorated by an Appalachian Trail through hiker named One-step.

Looks like he may have taken a few more steps than that though.


And a little social distancing going on here

What is the message here? you decide

Getting ready for the Holiday’s I would say

Just hanging around

Spooky little place

Even mice find good reads at the free library

What is she looking at and where is her mask?

This is the Witches view directly across the street

And what might this be?

Could this be a special place to hang out when she is not flying around?

The eyes are like LED lights at night

A nice friendly place to visit

Well maybe not so friendly

Will somebody please help me

a nice scenic display for all seasons can be found here

Lot’s of pumpkins here, but which one is Jack?

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