Hey Steve! Which way should I go?

OK, I will wait for you and we can figure it out

Hello Norwich,

This is a story about the recent hike that Steve Flanders and I took on the Cossingham Trail. I just decided one day to log off, shut down, and go take a hike. Steve and I had a mission. He needed to do some pruning and maintenance work on the trail, and I needed to just take it all in. We met at the entrance and began our journey on a nice day. The total trip took us about 2 and 1/2 hours. Here are some photos of some scenes along the way. No special order but enjoy them anyway. Photos were taken by Steve and I.

You can see why I chose the title of “which way should I go?”

I am already tired and thought I would just take it all in.

Steve checking out the trail sign.

The history of Cossingham farm is contained within this link, and was provided by Steve Flanders.


Ok if you say so Steve.

A pretty scene here with all the fallen leaves

A look down a sloping ravine

Will I ever reach the top?

This is one of the rest areas built for the AT through hikers

A nice stream

And some natural beauty on the mossy rocks and fallen trees

A house of some sort stood here

OK so we found a white marker, now what?

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