It sure will be nice when it is iced , a photo essay and update on the Norwich green skating rink and Huntley meadow.

Preparations that go into making winter fun for all to enjoy

Good morning Norwich and Upper Valley residents,

Yesterday afternoon, while out for a nice walk around town, I noticed a couple of members of the Norwich Fire department attaching the firehoses to the fire hydrant at Marion Cross School.

I knew there was no fire emergency, as over by the bandstand area of the green, there were a few residents mulling/working around the ice skating rink that had been set up a week or so ago with the help of the Norwich DPW crew. Today’s crew of volunteers were getting it ready for some much needed water if you will.

It appears that Deputy Fire chief Mathew Swett and Fire Captain Peter Griggs were on assignment/ volunteering to assist with the filling of the skating rink. The support that is given to the town of Norwich residents by the public safety Fire/Police departments is huge. Thanks go out to Fire Chief Alex Northern and his team for their efforts to serve with this project.

Enjoy the photo essay and then look for Brie Swenson’s message and update to the community along with her thanks to all who assisted thus far.

And the work team marvels at today’s results and now we wait for the ice to cure

It all starts here with the right connections thanks to the Norwich Fire department

Firehouse is stretched out across the green

How long is this going to take? Can’t you see ,I am out for my walk. The dog actually stepped neatly over the hose and continued on it’s journey with the owner in tow.

Being guided or should I say guarded by the sun poking through the clouds

Letting all know that soon there will be ice and that will be nice for all to enjoy

No ! these tracks do not belong to Bigfoot

Making it’s way to the destination

I snuck up on Fire Captain Peter Griggs who was sent on a mission to achieve results and I know for sure he will prevail.

Oops! He spotted me and he is armed with the firehose, I better be nice to him

Check out the flow, filling up nicely

Settling down and waiting to freeze

Putting on the finishing touches and waiting for mother nature to cooperate

Here is Brie Swenson’s message that appeared in this mornings List Serv


We have gotten my favorite kind of messages here lately - people asking when our outdoor recreation areas will be ready for them to use, because this beautiful weather is calling to them.  Well, us too.  So here are some answers:

-          Ice rink.  It was set up on Saturday, but we have some warmer temps coming in this week.  You will see a posts on the listserv, at and on our Facebook page when we are ready to open. Thank you SO much to all of the people who have helped out with the rink so far - our DPW set up the boards and brought the rink liner down from storage.  Jeff Swenson, Helena Gardner, Brian Riordan, Jamie Holmes, Dave Bartlett, Nancy (didn't get your last name, I am sorry), Eric Roane and several others who I didn't meet, all helped place and secure the liner.  Peter Griggs and Matt Swett were, as always, so incredible. They filled rink on time and efficiently...and even taught a budding firefighter how to handle a hose.   Thank you, everyone!  If you would like to help out by being a Hoser this season, please email to get on the list.

-          Huntley Meadows - it's on the schedule!  The equipment will be dropped off early this week.  Our DPW is working extremely hard right now, and our volunteer grooming crew is patiently planning their routes already.  Once Huntley is groomed, *please* make certain to stay out of the ski trails if you not skiing.  There is also a walking trail for you to enjoy, so please respect the fact that it's your neighbors volunteering their time that makes this ski trail happen.  Keeping your feet (and your pet's feet/waste) off of the ski trail is appreciated.  Thank you!

Brie Swenson
Recreation Director
Norwich, Vermont
802-649-1419 ext. 5