Just some photos for you to enjoy

Photos were sent in and some taken by me as well.

This photo essay contains several photos that were sent in to me and some that I took. Photo courtesy to Richard Neugass, and Shawn Gonyaw for their photos.

A nice patriotic photo to welcome in summer.

Guinea hens

Welcome Daisy!

The beekeeper

And the bees

I do believe he looks like the MCS principal Shawn Gonyaw

I had to yell out “Fore” after taking this golf shot as there were visitors out for a stroll that decided to check out the course. Do you think they will take out a membership?

Here is a ducky named “Lucky’.

Purple Clematis

Don’t worry, We will be back at the Norwich Fair next year

Robin’s Plantain or Blue Spring Daisy

A Saffron Crocus

And there are many reasons all around us to smile, just take a moment to notice.

A carnation

A mayflower azalea

Live for today and just let tomorrow come.

Looks like Vermont Department of Transportation is re-painting some road markings on main Street.

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