Keep the Northern Vermont College and the Vermont Technical College Campuses open

You can help and here is how!

Good morning Norwich and Upper Valley residents. This story is not one of my normal lift you up and keep you keeping on, however I felt the need to post this on behalf of those who need your help to keep these two institutions keeping on. Apparently there are immediate plans in place to close the Northern Vermont College and the Vermont Technical College campuses.

So today “About Norwich goes out and about in order to help those from Norwich and the Upper Valley that would benefit from the education that these two campuses offer. Please take a moment to check out the links below.

As you are no doubt aware, yesterday afternoon it was disclosed that on Monday, April 20th, the VSC board of trustees will vote on Chancellor Spaulding’s recommendation to close NVU and VTC-Randolph campuses.  

To read the press release, please go here:

The lack of transparency around this decision and the lack of time that was given to the public to digest this news is appalling.  Many Vermont students and their families will be profoundly, negatively impacted by this decision. These actions will not only impact the most vulnerable of learners in our state, but could cause incredible economic harm to the communities that are home to these institutions.  

Closing these institutions and putting more Vermonters out of work and setting off a snowball of economic disaster in these regions will not help VT recover from the economic crisis we're facing as a result of COVID-19. There has to be another way!

We need to act fast and respond to this educational crisis before Monday. So what can we do about this? How can your voice be heard?

Here are some direct actions to take TODAY!

1. Sign the two petitions which are circulating:


2. Write to your local legislators, State representatives, and the Governor asking them to support saving NVU Lyndon and Johnson and VTC Randolph

3. Contact the VSC Trustees urging them to postpone their vote and keep NVU and VTC open -

4. Post a public comment for the Board -

5. Attend rally on Monday at 10 AM -

6. Attend the ZOOM meeting with the Board of Trustees to share your views:

7. Email or call 5-10 other community members to let them know what's going on and request that they take this action, as well