Making connections, the EC Fiber way

EC Fiber is making it happen one pole at a time

Good morning Norwich, I hope you are all safe and enjoying all the snow outside, or at least the pretty scenery. Recently there was some activity in and around Main St. that caught my attention. I heard a humming sound while on duty at the crossing guard station and looked around to find out where it was coming from.

There were trucks on Main Street, but this sound came from above and beyond, or at least it sounded that way. The first 4 photos in this story were taken by a passerby (one of the Pittiger twins, actually it was Michael Pittiger on his way to school and were sent to me for this story. It appears that the sound I heard was the wire that was being sent from the coil on a pulley system to it’s intended destination. After my shift and later that day and the next more photos were taken by me at various locations.

Now for the rest of the story in layman’s terms ( Demo being Demo if you will).

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I placed a call to Irv Thomae, who is Norwich’s representative to EC Fiber and he was able to explain the series of events that are happening. EC Fiber is in the process of finishing to build member towns this year by laying fiber on the poles.

Connections and service is already available in the north part of Goodrich Four Corners, and you will see trucks stringing cable throughout the town to supplement for imminent connectivity. The Jerichco neighborhood is also being built according to Irv. I asked Irv to give me the step by step so to speak and here is the process.

  1. Road by road and pole by pole will be wired by stringing cables on the poles.

  2. Pieces of cable will be spliced end to end and “so” called junction boxes will be installed and splicing will be connected to the boxes.

  3. There will be a constructive sequence in lighting all the way through the system.

Once the wiring is complete a customer can :

  1. request service

  2. A box will be attached to the outside of the home and connected to the nearest wired pole.

  3. Appointments will then be made to make connections into the home.

Enjoy the photos

Just coiling along and making that strange sound which several people heard as they were on there way to school parking lot.

There it goes up up and away

Supported by a pulley system placed on the wires.

And a closer look will show a small pulley on the right.

See Ya !

Taken the next day later in the morning

Looks like Carpenter and Main and the Eustis cable engineer is in the truck doing what he does best.

I spoke with him briefly and let him know why I was clicking away with my camera. I also told him I would be checking in with the EC Fiber folks.

Called in for a quick photo op.

But not this guy as he is still very busy in the truck making sure it is all done right.

The next day they were on Main Street in front of the Post Office

Making all the right connections


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