MCS 3rd graders thank MR. Wilson with a parade

Rowan Riordan came up with the idea

Mr Wilson's class had arranged to have a drive-by parade for him today (Thu May 7th) at 12:00.

He's doing such a wonderful job of homeschooling his 3rd grade class at MCS. One of his students, Rowan Riordan came up with the idea, inspired by teachers parades around the country. 

I was asked to stop by and take some photos , and thought it may be a fun story for you.

Includes 2 very short videos found here: Parade video and another one here: 2nd Parade video Editors note: I had a third one that was much longer but I messed it up by tilting the camera too much. I am a novice after all.

But I did take some more photos though!

Thank You Mr. Wilson for all you do for the 3rd graders

Mr. Wilson waving to the crowd. ( He took mask off only to smile for the camera)

Mr Wilson coming out to say Hello and thank you for the wonderful surprise

A special privately owned Fire engine leads the parade

Followed by the grateful parents and 3rd graders

They took a ride around the block and came back to say goodbye for now.

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