More Gardens for you to view

These have been sent to me this week

Good Morning Norwich and Upper Valley residents. This is another photo essay of the victory garden photos that are being sent to me for you to enjoy. This is the third story on these as there are many photos coming in and the website has some restrictions to the length of a post. There might be a few more photos to come, but for now take a moment to enjoy these.

Beth Hazlett is tending to weeding this Garden on Hopson Rd.

John Kerr is holding up a book about gardening

A closer look reveals that it is ‘Crockett’s Victory Garden’.

Yes dear, I will get the rakes and help out too!

This photo was forwarded to me by Melissa.

Hi Melissa. Here's my victory garden. I chose to do the building myself but got the veges from Honey Field. Planning to donate a row, but don't know how to stagger plantings so all went in at the same time. Cheers Madonna

I received these in an e-mail and two photos from Mary Brownlow

Hi Demo,

Here are 2 photos of my vegetable garden.  Use them if you'd like.


Looks like painted bricks, that’s neat

Some leaf painting happening here

Hi Demo,

Here are the beginnings of Joshua Fishman's victory garden, starting with the delivery of soil, the delivery and assembly of the raised beds by two stalwart volunteers, Joshua tilling the soil to promote mycorrhizal association, him working on the varmint fencing, and then the completed assembly. Hope any or all may be helpful to you.

Dave Smith

77 Douglas Hill

Soil delivery almost complete

Raised beds are all assembled

Fencing to keep out deer and other unauthorized veggie eaters. Here is why he has a fence.

David SmithWed, Jun 24, 10:19 AM (4 days ago)to me

While the fencing might seem like overkill, half our 10 acre lot is designated as a protected err yard. We have two apple trees and I once counted 17 deer around at the same time. 

Poles are installed so plants can be trained to climb to success.