News you can use, The Circles project is happening soon.

And you can be a participant if you wish

Good Morning Norwich and Upper Valley residents. I am posting this announcement for you to keep you informed and in the know. I think that after you check this out you may even want to be a participant.

This from the Norwich Historical Society:

What brings you hope during this time?  What are you most grateful for
right now? Who or what's in your circle?

You are invited to be part of a community mural project, celebrating our
interconnected circles and reflecting on all that's provided us with hope
during this challenging time.

We will display all the circles on the Norwich Historical Society fence at
an exhibit opening on October 2.  The exhibit team will then gather the
circles and mount them outside on the wall of Dan & Whit's.  Our exhibit
crew: Tracy Smith, Wendy Thompson, Carla Vincent, Cheri Mather, and Nancy

Learn all about it at the project website:

Thanks to our sponsors--Gail and Nick Sanders, Hypertherm Hope Foundation,
and the Norwich Public Library. And thanks to Dan & Whit's for THE WALL and
the other organizations for hosting workshops.

Sarah Rooker, Director
Norwich Historical Society
277 Main Street / P.O. Box 1680
Norwich, VT 05055