No Rhyme, No Reason, Just some more photos to enjoy

These were taken randomly and one was sent to me to share

I believe this Cornus mas is trying to tell us something even though I thought it was a Forsythia.

As the water still flows down from the mountain

This photo was sent to me with this note:

I've been noticing a lot of boxes for U.S. Postal packages at the end of roads where all the mailboxes are lined up.

 I thought this one was really fun and wanted to share it with you. It's at the beginning of Chapel Hill North.

Cheryl Herrmann

I guess I missed some more Norwich rocks so here are a few:

Smile ! Your on Candid Camera

This one has got me baffled, What say you ?

I will be back next winter, until then don’t leave no stone unturned in your quest to enjoy life.

A small rendition of a much larger tree perhaps?

Nice colors, took photo as it appeared and made no adjustments

Almost did not see this one as it blended in with the terrain

I almost sat on this one

What makes this one unique to me is that it actually looks like it belongs

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