Norwich Farm Creamery-Hopefully here to stay!

And you can help

Hello Norwich,

Here is an informational story of what might happen to the Norwich Farm Creamery .

With your help they can stay open and continue to serve the community.

They would love to stay open for you

A real fine farm it is

Entrance to the Norwich Farm Creamery store

Norwich Farm Creamery

First for the sweet part!

Norwich Farm Creamery will be hosting a Hot Chocolate Filling Station at Dan & Whit’s on Friday Feb 5th from Noon until 5pm in celebration of DiginVT’s Hot Chocolate Week. Join us for an outdoor cup of piping hot cocoa. Special deals that day on NFC Chocolate Milk!

Chris, Laura, and Gigi

The Milk processing plant

All proceeds will benefit Norwich’s newest non-profit, the Norwich Farm Foundation who are raising money to save Norwich Farm.

Now for the not-so-sweet! 

We’ve kept this local agricultural treasure alive these last few years by growing our business and advocating for the farm in the hopes that reason would prevail, and plans would be kept in place to protect Norwich Farm’s agricultural heritage and keep it a working landscape.

The barn where the cows used to be kept.

But recently real estate agents working with Vermont Technical College (VTC) descended the farm to assess the property’s value for development and sale. It will go on the open market soon with no agricultural protections in place. This would mean the end of the dairy in Norwich.

If things continue on the current path, then we will have to close Norwich Farm Creamery this spring and you will see the farm sold as real estate and the barns torn down to allow subdivision.

But if you, our community, want to save Norwich Farm, then we have a plan to do it. The newly formed non-profit Norwich Farm Foundation is urgently preparing an offer to purchase the farm from VTC and launch its plan to bring the cows back.

For more information and to make a Pledge, please visit:

You can keep this a working farm, in order that it positively shape our beloved community and land for generations to come. This needn’t be the end of dairy in Norwich; it could be the beginning of its new future.

We hope you'll join us in supporting the Norwich Farm Foundation!
Chris Gray and Laura Brown
Norwich Farm Creamery

Norwich Farm Creamery
723 Turnpike Road
Norwich, VT 05055