Norwich Ice Capades on the Green, a photo essay

Get ready! Get Set! Let's Skate!

On Friday, January 24th, at 3:30 pm, the Norwich Recreation department held a very special annual event. The Norwich family skating party was getting underway just as my crossing guard shift was ending. The timing was perfect for me to stop by and take some photos for this story.

I want to take a moment first to thank all who made this possible, starting with mother nature who cooperated last Thursday afternoon when the rink was filled with water on a bitter cold day by the fire department who showed up and ran the hoses from the hydrant to the rink snaking it’s way through the MCS /Norwich green.

This event was made possible by the hard work of many who I have listed here:

The Norwich Recreation department, Norwich Women’s club, Norwich Lions, Norwich DPW and Norwich Police. Town Hall staff, Norwich Fire Department, the Hosers who are a volunteer group that maintains the rink. Many parents who volunteer their time so that all kids and adults can enjoy this rink, and The Marion Cross School PTO and staff. I hope I did not leave anyone out.

Norwich Utility one saved the day last Thursday

They set up hoses starting here and making their way to the green

Through the playground it goes

Almost there

Home sweet home

And now they fill it

They waited a few days until the conditions were just right.

Now, Let the party begin

Below are many photos that I took of the event, Enjoy the photo essay

Lineup !

Dad’s taking a break

Norwich Farm Creamery was there with cocoa for all

A popular drink on a cold day

How am I doing dad?

They are routing for someone but who?

A group photo

Faster! Faster !

Just enjoying the day

Smiling all the while

Coaches helping out

Don’t worry , Dad’s here

And so isn’t the Chief of Police

Forming a single line

Am I on the right side?

Mother and daughter having fun

Some of the MCS school mom’s

How did I do?

Having a good time catching up off the ice

Just chilling with cocoa

A great day on the ice with lot’s of activity

An upscale room with a view

A great team effort here, and all smiles, I would say.

The security detail is in place to protect the assets.

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