Norwich Police Cadet ride-a-long

And they do their part to get the job done and do it the right way

During a recent ride-a-long with Chief Jennifer Frank of the Norwich Police Department, Cadet Moody found some keys in the parking lot of Huntley Meadows.

Photo of cruiser during recent patrol

I would imagine the first thing he would do is say something like, here you are Commander, as she is called by her cadets. One would think that she would say something like OK thank you, I will take care of it. Knowing Chief Frank from some of the cadet training/award ceremony sessions that I attended, I can say she did not say that. Instead she probably handed him a report and said here you go fill it out and if you have any questions, let me know. This is how they will learn to do the job right. She has done an amazing job of teaching these cadets today to be the leaders of tomorrow and maybe even future law enforcement officers.

Next time you bump into the Chief on the street, during one of her walkabouts, ask her about the cadet program. She will be happy to tell you about the program.

Cadet Moody completing a found property form for motor-vehicle keys found in the parking lot of Huntley Meadow during a Directed Patrol conducted during his recent Ride-A-Long. (photo courtesy of Norwich PD)

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