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I thought I would post this latest update and announcement from Brie Swenson. It appeared in today’s List Serv and photos were taken by me this morning. Tomorrow, the park may be snow covered, can you believe it. Check out the several links below.

22. Norwich Recreation Updates
From: Brie Swenson <>
Date: Thu, 7 May 2020 17:26:50 +0000

1 - Summer Camps - Most of Norwich Recreation Summer Camps are open again*, but the available spots are greatly reduced (10 campers per session) in order to follow COVID-19 protocols.  You can sign up via  All registrants are placed on a waitlist, or can check out with printed invoice to be paid later.  Once we are certain that camps are able to run, you will be able to pay your fees and secure your child's space at camp.  We are asking that you consider the needs of our essential and healthcare workers, and only put your child on the list if you need a spot in order to complete your work.  Please don't hesitate to call or email me if you need assistance signing up.  (*you can find Sports, Good Life and Trails camp online.  I will update that list as the staff commits to the season)

2 - Hats Off Challenge - Last week, we had two winners: T.Nunez and S.Wallis!  However, since S.Wallis has very generously recused herself (she won the previous week too!) The clues were:  this is somewhere you probably visit quite often, but maybe not for the reason this family was there. The answer?  King Arthur Trail and the Dresden Athletic Fields!  If you haven't been there, definitely check it out the next time you pick up your favorite King Arthur treats.  New clues and photos for this week's challenge are already up on our Facebook page : Norwich Vermont Recreation.

3 - Huntley Meadows -So far, social distancing seems to be in effect down at Huntley. However, while it is great everyone is taking advantage our town's spaces: it has been reported that several children and teens have been seen climbing on structures that are absolutely not meant for climbing. Please refrain from allowing your children and teens to climb on the fences, batting cage and tennis courts.  This is incredibly unsafe, and our emergency services staff have quite enough going on right now. Not to mention that Huntley Meadows belongs to all residents, and it is irresponsible to damage structures, or possibly cause injury to yourself or others through your actions.  Let's take of care ourselves, each other and our valuable community spaces.

I have gotten many emails and calls about Governor Scott's press conference yesterday, and the relaxed 'Stay Home Stay Safe' guidelines.  The reopening of Huntley Meadows is being discussed. Please, be patient.  Safety and health is paramount here, so we will be taking a very thoughtful approach in reopening recreation in Norwich.

4 - Norwich Police Department's 'Escape Room' online program.  Chief Frank created an incredibly fun online "choose your own adventure" type of game.  The NPD's Virtual Escape Room has you solving mysteries with a side of Norwich knowledge.

5 - Norwich Youth Advisory Council's meeting - The Council will convened again on Wednesday, May 6th at 3:00 pm.  We had a fantastic turnout, a lot of enthusiasm and great ideas.  If you want to join a group of teens who are committed to making their impact on our town, please fill out the online form and we will send meeting instructions. ( )
All teens of Norwich are invited to an informational meeting to learn more about the Norwich Youth Advisory Council. This teen-led Council will be tasked with shining a light on what Norwich can do to involve teenagers in town. Do you want more planned activities? A dedicated space? Just to be left alone? We want to hear it all!  Representatives from the library, the Recreation Department, and other community organizations will be on deck to listen to your ideas and help support your decisions. These events are sponsored by Norwich Recreation in partnership with the Norwich Library with funding via a grant through Mt. Ascutney Hospital and Health Center and The VT Department of Health.

6 - Trail recreation is kind of our thing in Norwich.  Here is your seasonal reminder about trail etiquette: more people out on the trails does not mean that private land has suddenly become publicly owned.  Please be respectful on trails; especially those that cross private land.  This also means that you should not create any new trails without doing your due diligence:  whose land is this?  How do I contact this person?  Why wasn't there a trail here before/why is this is former trail now closed? - usually, there's a good reason.    Just stop and think - we have lost trails before in Norwich due to disrespectful use.  None of us want that to happen again.

That said, I hope that you enjoy this gorgeous weather before the (last?) cold snap,

Brie Swenson
Recreation Director
Norwich, Vermont
802-649-1419 ext. 5

Oh! by the way , make sure to check out the latest guidelines when using public parks and trails. We want you to stay safe out there.

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