A tour of the Norwich Transfer Station and some 101

What goes where and why and the do's and don'ts

On a recent visit to the Norwich transfer station/dump, I asked one of the attendants how they keep everything straight. They replied very nicely that it is sometimes challenging, and it would be easier if more people would be aware of what goes where and why.

Sometimes when you go to the transfer station, it is very busy with cars and people and you don’t think to check things out carefully, or this time of year you are approached by a group who might be pushing their agenda, or a politician who is looking for your vote this Tuesday.

I mentioned that I might do a story on it and maybe that would help people understand the importance of all the separate bins/sheds. I checked in with Norwich Town manager Herb Durfee and stated that I would visit the transfer station on Saturday to take some photos and pick up some info to share with my readers.

I know I learned a lot from my visit today and hope that after you read this story, you will also.

Here are some posters and photos to help guide you through the process. I will try to arrange them in order.

This is the office where you can get your questions answered and buy your dump passes also.

The inside of the book shed and yes you can drop off books there

Located on the door of the book shed in case you are interested

Looks like a nice place to start a family

Used motor oil

This is for your tires when the rubber does not meet the road anymore

Construction materials. Please see attendant before unloading your items

Must be at least 90 % metal and no propane tanks please. Other rules also apply

Paint recycling is done here but please adhere to all postings before leaving your items

Pick up one of these brochures and it will help for sure

Refrigerators/ stoves and other large appliances

The infamous Zero sort bin that takes a beating but keeps on ticking.

Glass but read which kind before you toss in

And the other types of glass items

Plastic bottle collection on the left and cardboard on the right

Cardboard rules of the road

The headquarters or office area and a box to properly dispose of your tattered US flags

Trash bins and food composting bins

Standing by and very helpful indeed

General rules and Vermont statutes ACT 148 sign

Now there is a familiar and helpful face and here are some posters to help you as well

I guess I didn’t even know they did this until I started taking these photos

Why some of it is even free which is good for you and for me.

Make sure devices are free of any data that could be breached and cause identity fraud

And a nice breakdown of what goes on in here

Inside the mixed Electronics bin

Trash bin and sign that explains the food composting bins to the left of dumpster

A place to leave items that someone else can use AKA Plowshare as it is called

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