Norwich Transfer station operational changes take effect on April 18, 2020

Check out the list of changes below and some photo's too!

Social distancing at the Transfer station (red truck and gray truck) behind the barriers are employees vehicles. (see other photo’s below the story).

Good morning Norwich and the Upper Valley,

I thought I would post this announcement in case you have not seen it elsewhere. This was on yesterday’s List Serve, and the changes will be effective on 4/18/2020. The photo’s for this story were taken by me on two different occassions.

Here is the post from Larry Wiggins, DPW director.

13. Norwich Transfer Station Operational Changes
From: Larry Wiggins <>
Date: Fri, 10 Apr 2020 16:58:16 +0000

Transfer Station:

A.     The Transfer Station will continue to operate with normal hours. However, residents are being asked to PLEASE ensure "social distancing" and to self-police themselves related to the number of vehicles/people in any given area. The "Plough Share" building and the "Library" are closed until further notice.

B.      Beginning Saturday, 04/18/2020, the Transfer Station until further notice will NOT be accepting the following items:

     *   Books
     *   Used oil
     *   Furniture, mattresses, and similar "bulky" items as determined by the Attendants
     *   Metals
     *   Electronics/E-cycles
     *   Tires
     *   Paint
     *   Appliances and items containing refrigerant
     *   Batteries
     *   Redeemables (containers with deposits). Residents are encouraged to hang on to these items until they can be collected again. If residents recycle these items, they must be sorted into the appropriate glass and recyclable containers. Please don't make the Attendants have to sort for these items in the wrong container.

C.      Staff will be practicing social distancing and will not be able to provide assistance with the removal of trash from private vehicles.  The attendant shed is restricted to transfer station employees only. If you have a fever, cough, and/or shortness of breath, please do not use the Transfer Station, until you are well enough.

D.     To help control the number of vehicles/persons entering the Transfer Station, residents upon entering the Transfer Station will first be greeted by the Head Attendant. He will collect fees/coupons at that point and will determine when the resident may enter the Transfer Station yard. The Town continues to thank you for complying with the evolving protocol changes. They are intended to keep you and the Attendants as safe as possible.

Larry A. Wiggins
Public Works Department
Norwich, VT

Here are a group of photo’s showing the construction of new shed.

New check in station set up to improve service due to social distancing guidelines.

And there is the first interaction with a customer

And the mighty threesome who made it happen once again. No grass seed here please.

Are you guys ready to unload?

Looks like they are

And the Boss stops by to check things out

Step by step, piece by piece and patience is key here

It looks like a giant Lego set

It sure is starting to look like something useful.

And now they are ready for the next customer.

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