NPD issues a new COVID-19 update, new online training for officers, and “Workplace Racial Equity Learning Challenge”

Keeping you informed as we head into 2021

I thought I would share some updated COVID-19 info with you and also inform you of some new training that NPD officers are taking as well as a new program called the Workplace Racial Equity Learning Challenge. Check it out and you just might find some news you can use.

Norwich VT Police Department

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Officer Ingraham and Chief Frank attended an online training this morning sponsored by Prevent Child Abuse Vermont; focused on identifying and recognizing child sexual abuse and the grooming process, recognizing and responding to abusive behaviors and signs of abuse, and healthy messaging for children as a component of prevention efforts.

Norwich VT Police Department

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COVID-19 UPDATE: 01/07/2021

1. Vt Dept of Health found that those quarantined who tested negative at day 7 after exposure & were retested between day 8 and 14, none were positive. They also found that only 3% of close contacts tested on day 7 of quarantine tested positive, and only 4% of close contacts tested on day 8, 9, or 10 tested positive.

2. Current COVID-19 Activity in Vermont (1/7/21)
- New cases: 214 (8,403 total)
- Currently hospitalized: 36
- Hospitalized in ICU: 8
- Hospitalized under investigation: 3
- Percent Positive (7-day average): 2.7%
- People tested: 271,568
- Total tests: 731,627

3. Vt received the first shipment of Pfizer-BioNTech and Moderna vaccines. These vaccines have been prioritized for health care workers and long-term care residents. They are being notified directly regarding when and where they can get vaccinated.

4. The initial supply of COVID-19 vaccine will be limited, and vaccination efforts will be prioritized to groups that:
- Are most critical to the COVID-19 response
- Provide direct care to others
- Are essential to maintaining a functioning society
- Are at highest risk for developing severe illness from COVID-19

5. Vaccine Implementation Phases: Currently in 1A
* Phase 1A: eligible for vaccination: (occurring now)
- Health care personnel: clinical staff, nursing or medical assistants, and support staff (e.g., those who work in food, environmental), long-term care staff, health care providers and administrative services)
- Residents of long-term care facilities: skilled nursing facilities, nursing homes, and assisted living facilities
- Emergency medical service personnel and responders: ambulance or rescue squads, fire and police departments

* Phase 1B: eligible for vaccination: Vermonters at high risk
- Persons aged ≥ 75 years*
- Persons aged 65-74 years*
- Persons aged 40-64 with high-risk conditions*
- Frontline essential workers*
- Unable to telework / Unable to distance
- Regular public contact
(( * = BIPOC/LEP individuals prioritized in these groups. BIPOC = Black, Indigenous and People of Color. LEP = Limited English Proficiency))

* Phase 1C: eligible for vaccination: Other Vermonters with elevated risk
- BIPOC/LEP Population (not already vaccinated in 1a/1b)
- Residents in congregate settings (not already vaccinated in 1a/1b)
- Persons aged 16-39 with high-risk conditions
- Other essential workers

* Phase 2: eligible for vaccination: General Population

Workplace Racial Equity Learning Challenge

Norwich VT Police Department

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The Norwich Police Department is pleased to announce that we have joined together with several other local businesses and agencies in the “Workplace Racial Equity Learning Challenge” which provides another opportunity to learn about the dynamics of racism and gain insights into our local history and current imperatives. The Workplace Racial Equity Learning Challenge brings together resources, a space for dialogue and reflection, and supports to inspire and encourage pathways to wise and effective action, personally and within the workplace. This program runs from January 18th through March 2nd of 2021 and includes learning programs, training materials, and an opportunity to join online dialogues, where we can engage in small group conversations with other participants to reflect on our learning. The WRELC also offers an action planning workshop to assist NPD with considering how best to move forward from commitment to action on racial equity. We look forward to this learning opportunity.