Oh Deer Me!

We may be busted.

There are ten deer just hanging out and maybe just minding their p’s and q’s or maybe not, when all of a sudden a Norwich Police cruiser which is out on a daily patrol approaches. They received an anonymous tip of suspicious activity in the area. The questions I ask are: What is going on here? Are they about to be busted ? How are you going to get them to cooperate with your investigation?

The report said there were ten deer spotted in the woods. can you find them?

I wonder if they will be needing a backup transport vehicle to bring them back to the police station for questioning.

Just a short story meant to brighten up your day on this dismal rainy and cloudy day, and yes there were 10 deer in all, although it might be difficult to spot them as they camouflage well with the terrain.

Photos courtesy of the Norwich PD.

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