OK ! More bird photos as this weather is for the Birds

So more bird sayings for you too!

OK, so I was going to wait for the morning to post these but then happened to go out to the post office for a moment and realized immediately that this weather is still for the birds so therefore more bird sightings and sayings. Hope you like them. If not it’s my fault anyway.

Hello, are you the photographer from the Vogue?

So ? I am just not into socks. I like the wind on my ankles

Landing check list : gear down check; full flaps check; runway clear check; alignment correct check; OK let me land already!

But Honey, what makes you think I has a little too much to drink at the office party.

Just keeping an eye on those noisy magpies next door

Quick, I need some floss, I think I have a seed stuck in my beak

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