On my way Gnome

I stopped to smell the flowers and see the chicks.


I stopped to smell the flowers and see the chicks

As a follow-up to my previous story called there is no place like Gnome, I decided to stop by Tucks Clucks and see what all the chirping was about.

This place is hopping with activity and there is never a dull moment around here.

I spoke to the owner and asked if I could take some photos for this story.

He said sure and then told me  jokingly to grab a paint brush and join him on the Scaffolding , an offer that I graciously declined. You will see why later in the story as it was really high up there.

Lot's of nice flowers and some pollinators hanging around

All kinds of activity at the Tuck's Clucks residence  (Looks like the "L" is missing again

Looks like some baby chicks

Here a Chick, There a Chick

They rule the roost

And more here

A nice assortment of bird houses for sale

And here is the price list (it might be negotiable)

A Note from the owner

Here is the story on the bird houses: I am teaching my grandchildren how to make them. ten percent of the sales will be going to local charity and the rest to taking the grand kids to Disney . I think it is important to teach the kids early about giving back leaning new skills and setting goals.

have a great day.

Linda Tuck

Left half has a new second coat

Coming along very nice

And now the right side

He seems comfortable up there and seems to know what he is up to

Bird House Haven

The sign says its spring , a cute little welcome sign

Very patriotic, I might add

A Memorial Day tribute

This is the Last of the 4 Gnomes and was just finished with some fresh paint

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