Photos of posters from MCS 6th graders meant to inspire you

You can still donate your Halloween candy/ money and have fun doing it

Hello Norwich,

Are you getting ready for Halloween? Yes it has been a challenging year so far and changes need to be made to what we always knew to be the normal thing to do. Usually we would run out and get candy and put it near the door so that all the trick or treaters can come by and scare you out of some of your candy. These Marion Cross sixth graders and their teachers realized that things were different this year and so as a class project they came up with an alternate plan. Take a look at the posters that they created to advertise their plea for you to help the Haven help others. In their art work they are celebrating the neighbors who will be donating their candy money to the Haven.

Hi Neighbors,
So... 6th graders of MCS leadership club loved the idea of neighbors donating their candy money to a charity. They recommended The Haven and decorated pictures for you to display or to just to have.

This is the link to donate:

Here are the posters they created to get their message out to you.

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