Pumpkins on the run and heading south

This actually happened around this time in 2010

Here is a cute little story of these pumpkins that were heading south down the Connecticut river, but thanks to the quick wit and action of a few concerned citizens some were captured and a few, were carved for all to enjoy.

Here is their story:

Close to this date in 2010, we had downpours that created a huge surge on the Connecticut. It hit the low lying pumpkin fields along the river in Piermont and Haverhill. My friend Phil called in the morning and said "the pumpkins are running", as if to say the salmon run had started. Long story, short.

We got so greedy with the pumpkin catch that we almost didn't make it back to the boat launch. The current was strong and we loaded up the boat with so many pumpkins that we could barely control the vessel against the current. It was scary for a bit, but we did get a great catch.

There they go down the Connecticut river heading south

Looks like we are going to catch up with this one

Talk about a boat load of pumpkins

These three were not only captured without incident but also were carved out and seem happy with the end result.

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