Scam Alert and a new COVID-19 update

Scam is known as the "Grandparents scam".

This news update regarding what is called a Grandparents scam has some valuable information that could prevent you from becoming a victim.

Norwich VT Police Department

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**SCAM ALERT** "Grandparent scam*
Multiple Vermonters are reporting that that have been contacted by scammers purporting to be grandchildren in an emergency situation, such as in prison, at the hospital, or in legal trouble, and need money to resolve the problem.

In some interactions the scammers were reported to have completed research, citing a local county court and familial history that can be found online through scanning social media profiles and online people-search databases.

Whenever contacted by someone, who asks for money, a gift card to be purchased, funds to be wired, or for any other financial transaction initiated, take steps to verify the identity of your loved one in distress.

1. Slow down. The scammers urge you to act urgently; don’t.

2. Take the phone number of the caller and hang up.

3. Call your grandchild or any other person who can verify their whereabouts and well-being.

4. Call another person in your life who cares about you.

Even if you have not been contacted by this scam, now is a great time to connect with loved ones to create a scam action plan in preparation for when a scam call like this might come in. Consider creating an uncommon family code word or pin number that you agree to not publicize or share with others. Make a phone tree of reliable contacts to call if a scam like this is received. Act now to prevent future loss.

Here is the COVID_19 update:

54. COVID-19 update
From: "Frank, Jennifer" <>
Date: Sat, 25 Jul 2020 02:17:08 +0000

1. Gov. Scott added a mask requirement to the executive order, effective 8/1 requiring masks to be worn in indoor and outdoor spaces where physical distancing is not possible.
- Exempt from the requirement are those <2 yrs old, or with medical / developmental conditions that would interfere with mask wearing. Documentation of such conditions will not be required.
- Those eating or exercising strenuously away from others are also exempt.
- Businesses are allowed to refuse service to those not wearing a mask.

2. COVID-19 status in VT:
- Positive COVID-19 Test results: 1,385 (+8)
- Patients Currently Hospitalized: 3 (+1)
- Hospitalized Under Investigation: 9 (-1)
- Total People Recovered: 1,177 (+21)
- Deaths attributed to COVID-19: 56
- Tests administered for COVID-19: 87,692
- People being monitored for COVID-19: 1,087 (-46)
- People who have completed monitoring for COVID-19: 4,682 (+137)
* Nearly 70% of Vermonters who get COVID-19 have a known source of exposure — how they may have gotten the virus
* The 3- and 7-day viral growth rates remain around 0.5%. The test positivity rate rolling average is under 1%.
* Hospital critical care bed availability is trending around 30% in VT though there are no COVID-19 patients currently in critical care.

3. COVID-19 status in NH:
- NH Persons with COVID-19: 6,375 +57
- Recovered: 5,393 (85%) +48
- Deaths Attributed: 407 (6%) +2
- Current COVID-19 Cases: 575 +7
- Total Hospitalizations: 685 (11%) +4
- Current Hospitalizations: 27 +1
- Total Persons Tested - Select Labs, PCR: 150,719 +927
- Total Persons Tested - Select Labs, Antibody: 26,130 +151
- Persons with Specimens Submitted - NH PHL: 35,722 +86
- Persons Being Monitored in NH: 3,525 +100
* NH Gov. Sununu announced that applications are now open for the Empower Youth Program, $2 million from the CARES Act allocation will expand summer programming for middle and high school youth.

4. COVID-19 status Regional:
- Arizona: will extend the executive order forcing bars, gyms, movie theaters, fitness centers, and water parks to close.
- New Mexico recorded an all-time COVID-19 case high number of new COVID-19 cases Thursday with 343 and currently has 167 people in the hospital and 34 people on ventilators.
- Florida: 55 hospitals have reached ICU capacity and have no ICU beds available. Ten of the hospitals at capacity are in Miami-Dade County, the epicenter of the pandemic in Florida.
- Texas: residents of Starr County are ordered to shelter at home to stymie the spread of the virus beginning Friday through August 10. The order includes a curfew for juveniles from 10 p.m. to 6 a.m, and a curfew for adults from 11 p.m. to 5 a.m.

5. COVID-19 status National / World:
- For the 3rd day in a row the US has > 1,000 COVID-19-related deaths in a 24-hr period.
- 4,024,492 (+72,219) COVID-19 U.S. cases
- 143,868 (+1,113) COVID-19 domestic fatalities.
- 15,296,926 worldwide COVID-19 cases
- 623,903 COVID-19 deaths worldwide.

Chief Jennifer Frank, Norwich, VT Police
10 Hazen Street / P.O. Box 311, Norwich, VT
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