Thank You Chief Frank. A photo essay.

MCS students send their thanks.

I am sharing a link of some photos that were taken yesterday at the Marion Cross School. They were sent by Alexa Manning and Caroline Gollub, and there may be more sent in to me. As the students left school for the weekend, they stopped for a visit and to drop off thank you cards to Chief Frank as this was her last day in Norwich before moving on to her new assignment. The cover photo for this story is a photo of one of the two banners provided for the community to sign.

I have also included some of the photos here for you to enjoy

One of the two banners provided by Dan Fraser for people to sign for the send off event. One is located at the rear entrance door of the Town Hall, and the other is hanging out at the Dan and Whit’s bulletin board. Please take a moment to sign it.

The schoolchildren line up and visit with the Chief

And drop off their cards

The schoolchildren exercise patience to drop their cards in the beautifully decorated box.

The Chief takes a moment to read a handmade card

A sampling of the children’s card designs are displayed in the next few photos

And a sincere thank you from the Chief

And more cards

And even time for a fist bump

A possible group session here

And a visit with a family

And a little one on one

MCS staff assist in the collection of cards

The Chief saying a goodbye or two

And yes another fist bump

And a friendly pose

Along with the official Chief’s send off - a fist bump

And the beat goes on

As the line gets smaller

It appears the Chief has some reading to do.

Good Luck on your new assignment and we hope to see you again soon