The lights are on at the Root district Schoolhouse!

In memory of those we lost to COVID-19

Hello Norwich,

I received this from Courtney Dobyns, who is the President of the Root District Schoolhouse/Root District Game club. She asked if I could share with the community the Light up America event that was held on 1/19/2021 in memory of those that were lost to the Covid -19.


To the Citizens of Norwich:

Here are two photos of the Root District Schoolhouse on the evening of 1/19/21 during the national Light Up America event in memory of those lost to Covid-19.Thank you to all who continue to work so hard to care for those among us who are sick as well as those who are suffering from loss.  We were honored to be part of this special event even though we have been unable to use the schoolhouse for events at this time. Last summer the building’s electrical rewiring was completed thanks to Kyle Martino, master electrician, and the donations of many supporters.

As Mary Layton (VP) wrote, the building looked like a “beautiful beacon of hope and community” on the hill.  Thanks to our treasurer Tricia Spellman for lighting the lights and taking the photos.
We are all in this together, each doing our part to get through this dark winter. Thank you Norwich and to all involved in positive change in the world.

Courtney Dobyns 

President, Root District Schoolhouse/Root District Game Club

A little bit of quietude indeed!