The Nightmare is over at least for now

Much to do to get it ready for next year.

Much to do to get it ready for next year

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Canada's Worst Nightmare is closed for the season

As a follow up to the Canada's worst nightmare story, I  stopped by for  a quick visit just to check in. 

The "CWN" crew was busy shutting shut down their maple sugar shack in preparation for next year.  As Graham explained the process, wood had to be cut and stacked and brought to the woodshed.  Inside the sugar shack, the sap has to be drained and the boiling tanks are filled with water, brought to a light boil, after which pan cleaning solution is added. The tank is scrubbed at a low boil to remove the sugar sand debris in the tank.  The photos tell the story.

The crew was  busy at work so a group picture was not taken today.  I was introduced to a new crew member Lee Garoni, who is visiting the area.  I asked him where he was from and the rest of the crew yelled he is from everywhere.  Who knows where, (he may have been sent down from Canada to investigate this operation.)  We will see what happens next year.

Graham Webster on the move to deliver the logs

Wood is cut into smaller pieces

It takes team work

Picked up and carefully  restacked in Storage Shed

Lots of maintenance left to do inside to prepare for next year

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